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Obtained CE ATEX (European Explosion Proof)

Acquired Q-Mark certification

Acquired ASME (N),(NPT) certification

Development of Nuclear Q-Class Charge Pump

Acquired Q-Mark certification

  • Technology

  • 1968.08

    Fe-jet pump patent

  • 1980.10

    Small Volute Pump KS Certification

  • 1998.10

    Won the Presidential Award for Excellent Capital Goods (EM)

  • 1999.01

    Designated as an excellent technology competitiveness company

  • 2001.03

    Localization of pulsation pressure buffer for nuclear power plant (Q-CLASS)

  • 2001.07

    Obtained KEPIC certification for nuclear power

  • 2001.12

    Domestic first high efficiency pump certification

  • 2002.11

    Nuclear equipment repair and maintenance construction company registration

  • 2002.12

    Development of Nuclear Q-Class Charge Pump

  • 2005.07

    Awarded Engineer of the Month (Korea Industrial Technology Association

  • 2007.08

    Designated centrifugal pump quality excellent product (Incheon Metropolitan City Mayor)

  • 2011.06

    Acquired ASME (N) certification

  • 2011.06

    Acquired ASME (NPT) certification

  • 2013.06

    Acquired Q-Mark certification

  • 2013.07

    Awarded the grand prize in the commercial development of the Incheon Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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