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  ■    Yoo Jung-bok visited the Incheon market    By:Planning Team    
  FILE :     

Yoo Jung-bok, Incheon Mayor visited us on July 11th.


"Yoo Jung-bok market, listen to the voice of the corporate site every month."On the subject of

Listening to the various voices of the corporate scene, establishing a place for communication for revitalizing the local economy,

I visited after meeting at Western Industrial Complex Management Corporation.





Yoo Jung-bok visited the site after a meeting with our executives.



(Photo: CW-Hydro Planning Team)


Incheon Metropolitan City (Mayor Yoo Jung-bok) has been recommended by Incheon Business Incorporation (11 chambers including Incheon Chamber of Commerce and Industry) to listen to the voices of the company site directly, The company said.



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Yoo Jung-bok, Incheon Mayor, listens to corporate voice every month



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